Professional & affordable upholstery cleaning in the Toowoomba area

Professional carpet cleaning services

Furniture takes pride of place in businesses and residential homes alike.
At Spainy’s Carpet & Pest, I understand that people invest a lot of time and money into their furniture. That's why we work hard to maintain the very highest standards in upholstery cleaning.

After every clean I use a fine fibre rinse to ensure the fabric is left feeling fresh and soft. Quickly and thoroughly clean the upholstery in cars and buses, as well as remove stains and grime from lounges, dining chairs and office equipment. Your furniture will get a whole new lease on life!

To get a quote for your home or place of business, please contact our office in Toowoomba today.
finest upholstery cleaning services
With daily use furniture in the home or workplace can easily accumulate significant dirt, grime and stains.

Spainy’s Carpet & Pest can provide you with professional and affordable upholstery cleaning services that will leave your furniture looking, feeling and smelling like new! 
I deodorise after every clean to ensure that your living or working space is completely hygienic. 

If your chairs or couches are looking a little worse for wear, contact Spainy’s Carpet & Pest to rejuvenate them today!

Expert upholstery cleaning is just a phone call away. Speak to Spainy’s Carpet & Pest.

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