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in Toowoomba

Your urban pest removal experts

Putting up with pests is simply not an option! For the very best when it comes to pest removal services, you can count on Spainy’s Carpet & Pest.

Spainy can eradicate all urban pests from domestic and commercial premises. Expertly deal with common pests such as spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, carpet beetle, bed bugs and more.

For your peace of mind I use synthetic Group 3A insecticide that is odourless and safe. No job is too big or too small! Enjoy a rock solid 3 month service warranty for end of lease pest control jobs or a 12 month warranty on all domestic jobs. To find out more, please contact us today!
professional pest control services in Toowoomba
professional pest control services in Toowoomba
Infestations of insects, rodents or pests can happen to any property no matter how well the premises is looked after. These vermin are not only a health hazard for the occupants, they can also damage the structure of the building itself and prove to be a major fire risk.

To effectively, efficiently and affordably remove pests from your home or office, speak to the pest control specialist at Spainy’s Carpet & Pest.

Quickly get rid your house or place of business of any unwanted guests, leaving you with a completely safe pest-free environment. Please contact our office in Toowoomba for more information on
our services.

Protect yourself and your family from unwanted pests. Call Spainy’s Carpet & Pest today.

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